The Future of Integrated Flight Planning has Arrived

February 8, 2019| Author: Sarah Weinhardt

At Honeywell we spend a lot of time talking to pilots, schedulers and dispatchers about their flight planning needs. After all, we’ve been in the flight planning business for more than 30 years, and every day thousands of business aircraft travel safely and efficiently to their destinations with help from Honeywell’s GoDirect Flight Services.

Customers tell us they want better and more sophisticated flight planning tools. They want to save time and reduce flight-planning errors. They want tools that are easier to use and more automated. They don’t want to log into multiple websites and type-in information two or three times.

We listened and applied our singular expertise in connected aerospace solutions to take an important step forward in flight planning capabilities by integrating flight planning, flight tracking and flight scheduling with datalink and cabin monitoring.  

These advancements mean users can access a single integrated platform with a single log-in. It seamlessly shares information between flight planning and scheduling databases, reduces the time spent preparing and filing flight plans, and reduces chances for “fat finger” data input errors.

Honeywell offers an open architecture that lets operators use their current flight-scheduling provider in concert with our unique flight-planning platform. We’ve integrated GoDirect Flight Services with the leading flight scheduling providers including BART, Professional Flight Management (PFM) and We also have integrated the FlightAware Aircraft Situation Display to Industry (ASDI) feed into our tracking software.

More integration is coming soon. For example, we’re connecting GoDirect Flight Services and features of GoDirect Cabin to give passengers extensive flight-tracking information and provide operations teams with cabin information. We continue to improve our portal to make it more informative, intuitive and easy to use. And we’re looking to announce even higher levels of integration within the GoDirect portfolio in the months ahead.

Information is power when it comes to flight services. Honeywell is committed to putting unprecedented levels of information in our customers’ hands to help them make informed decisions and deliver better operational outcomes across the board.

Sarah Weinhardt

Sarah Weinhardt

Product Marketing Manager


  • Albert

    Great news! Amazing how engineers at Honeywell have kept ahead of everyone in this type of technology. I have worked with and have had the pleasure of seeing how Honeywell has forged ahead thru the years in the Avionics field. In the U. S. Navy, I first worked on the Honeywell VTAS System integration in the Grumman F-14 Tomcat! Looking forward to more great news and training from Honeywell.

  • Alaa H.Mahmood

    i want to learn flight plan


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