Honeywell Offers Jet ConneX Pay as You Go Data Plan for Business Jets

We get it. Business jet owners and operators love the idea of giving passengers in-flight Wi-Fi as good as they get at home. But picking the right data plan is intimidating, especially when it’s hard to guess how much data passengers will use.

You don’t want to commit to a plan that’s so big you end up leaving gigabytes on the table, but you don’t want to risk the high cost of running over, either. Honeywell has another alternative.

For a limited time, we’re trying out the first-ever “pay as you go” plan for Inmarsat Jet ConneX service, with no monthly data-use commitment and no restrictions.

Best of all, your passengers will experience the best Wi-Fi flying with Honeywell’s JetWave satellite communications system and the Jet ConneX broadband network from Inmarsat, which is exclusively powered by JetWave.

If you haven’t installed JetWave on your aircraft yet, now is a great time to contact your dealer and move on up to the best available satellite communications system.

With JetWave and Jet ConneX, passengers can send and receive email, surf the net, upload and download large files, and even stream live video – with speed, reliability and availability similar to what they experience at home or in the office.

You’ll be able to keep an eye on data use with our GoDirect applications and services. With GoDirect Data Control we use traffic-shaping and data filtering applications to limit bandwidth and control video resolution without degrading the user experience.

With GoDirect Data Control and our new “pay as you go” data plan for Jet ConneX, you’ll be able to give passengers the connectivity they crave and still keep a handle on costs. Enrollment is limited – so contact us today.

To learn more please contact your Honeywell sales representative or call 1-888-634-3330 or email

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