Honeywell Testing In-Flight Voice Recognition For Future Cockpits

Honeywell Innovative Prototyping Environment

Honeywell Aerospace (NYSE: HON) has begun testing voice recognition inside aircraft cockpits, using a recently developed rapid prototyping system that allows emerging technologies like voice recognition control to more easily integrate into flight decks.

The Honeywell Innovative Prototyping Environment (HIPE) lets pilots operate a traditional multipurpose control display unit from a tablet interface to incorporate new concepts. This new testing system makes it easier to take emerging technology into the field sooner.

Honeywell is currently using HIPE to flight test voice recognition on an Embraer ERJ170 aircraft, and is working with pilots and customers to assess its usability, safety and efficiency in real airborne scenarios. This advanced engineering and testing will more rapidly make voice recognition in cockpits a reality.

Voice recognition will be a huge advancement in the cockpit because speech can eliminate many manual steps required to execute a command thereby decreasing workload and allowing a pilot to focus on flying safely and efficiently. Voice can be especially helpful in the cockpit when calling up infrequently used commands or menus, for which the crew might otherwise spend significant time searching. HIPE is a core part of the Honeywell User Experience, an end-user-driven design approach for developing intuitive technology, and is key to testing next-generation concepts such as voice recognition.

To see a video demonstration of Honeywell’s voice recognition testing on an ERJ170 aircraft, please visit Honeywell on YouTube. For more information on Honeywell Aerospace, please visit

Check out this blog from one of our insiders. Andy Drexler explains how some pilots were initially skeptical about the technology, but changed into true believers.

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